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ACE National is a federally registered 501(c)6 trade association of America's adult nightclubs. ACE helps protect and serve its national members by staying true to our mission statement, "to dispel the myths of our industry" and focusing on discount programs for our members. 


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 Statewide associations of adult club owners actually predate the National Association of Club Executives (ACE), which was formed in 1999 by ED Publications and a group of the industry’s leading club owners and First Amendment attorneys.  Over the years other states have launched adult club owner associations, all independently owned/operated.  Some of those statewide chapters are still going strong, while others have fallen by the wayside for one reason or another.    Read More
 ACE has partnered with RMS Hospitality Group (RMS HG) for Adult Nightclub Insurance. As an ACE member, you will receive an exclusive 5% discount on Adult Nightclub Insurance. RMS HG is not just another insurance agent, rather we are a managing general agent (MGA) with the pen to allow us to quote policies “in-house.” For more information, contact Mark D. Derrenberger at mderrenberger@rmshg.com or visit www.rmshg.com  



Anti-Human Trafficking Training Program for the adult club industry, led by federal, state and/or local law enforcement agencies across the U.S. 

Over 15,000 industry professionals trained since 2010, in more than 30 U.S. cities, representing more than 235 adult clubs

2015 Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign Nominee; 2016 Director to Homeland Award Nominee; 2016 State Dept. Trafficking in Persons Report US Advisory Council to the President mention. 

To host a COAST event near you, please contact Ms. Angelina Spencer: 239-248-1016

BMI Music Licensing Discount

Click on the link below to join one of the largest music licensing discount programs ever negotiated for the adult club industry. You could save more than 30% on your music licensing fees!   CLICK FOR MEMBERSHIP


ACE National
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Washington, D.C. 20006

Phone: (202) 508-1463
E-mail: info@acenational.org


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