ACE National ASCAP Music licensing discount invoices for single clubs were sent via mail April 26, 2021. Our CPA will mail multiples (chain clubs) the week of May 1st. 

We are still waiting for BMI to return an 'approved member' list back to us for invoicing. 

If you did not pay your 2020 ACE National Music Licensing Invoice, you will need to contact each entity directly for CV-19 credits and to make payment arrangements. You will have to come current in order to be added back to the ACE National 2022 music licensing discount list.

ASCAP Contact if you DID NOT pay your 2020 ACE Music Licensing Invoice:

Michele D. Wright | Sr. Director of Account Services: 

Direct: 615-727-5955 or 

BMI Contact if you  DID NOT pay your 2020 ACE Music Licensing Invoice:

Teresa A. Stafford-Scherer  |  Senior Director Licensing-Centralized Accounts

615-401-2874 or  

We appreciate your patience as we work to ensure your credits. 


1. What is the ACE/ASCAP/BMI Agreement and how does it help me?

Answer: ACE National negotiated a substantial and EXCLUSIVE discount savings agreement with both ASCAP and BMI that saves our members a single 30-34% discount on each of their music licensing fees. Additionally, with ASCAP, if you own 2 or more clubs, you can combine them as a ‘multiple’ and pay the “base rate” only once.

2. What are some of the highlights of the program?

Answer: The savings from the 30% discount are significant! For example, clubs with an occupancy rate of 150 will save over $500 a year, and clubs with an occupancy rate of 300 will save $850 a year. Clubs with higher occupancy rates will save even more. Operators of two or more clubs can combine their occupancy rates to achieve even greater savings, by paying a significantly lower effective rate per occupant and then getting the 30% discount off of that amount with ASCAP! BMI’s savings are a significant 34% discount!

3. How do I qualify and when does the discount program begin?

Answer: You MUST be a member of ACE National to participate in the EXCLUSIVE discount programs and be current with your music licensing fees to both ASCAP and BMI. See below to learn how to join!

ASCAP: The program begins January 1, 2021 and your licensing fees must be paid by February 21, 2021.

BMI Licensing Discounts Begin, February 1, 2021 and your licensing fees must be paid by February 25, 2021.

*PLEASE NOTE: The COVID-19 Pandemic has resulted in delayed processing dates for 2021

ACE contracts with a Licensed CPA who invoices you directly for 2021 fees.

ACE places all members on a calendar year for ASCAP/BMI licensing fees.

To qualify for the program you MUST:

A. C

ontact Angelina Spencer-Crisp, ACE National Executive Director @ and she will add you to the member list, pending approval. Please have your ASCAP/BMI account numbers handy, along with your certificate of occupancy, name, DBA, address and website for your establishment.

B. A $199 per club per year annual membership fee is required and payable to ACE National, which we include on your first January ASCAP invoice. The deadline for 2022 ASCAP/BMI discount is November 15, 2021 so don’t delay!  

If you own multiple locations, please pay $199 per location, which will be included with your initial 2021 invoice from ACE. If you do not include your annual ACE Membership dues, we are forced to return your entire licensing payment. 

C. Call or email Angelina Spencer-Crisp: or 239-248-1016 and she will submit your application more quickly. You may also send a check made payable to ACE National or wait for the first invoice.

Questions about the program? Please contact:

Kenneth J. Gulling, CPA
Baumgarten & Company LLP
1422 Euclid Ave. Suite 1104
Cleveland, OH 44115-2001
Voice 216-781-4300 Ext. 236
Fax 216-781-4309

4. What if my license agreement renewed in September or even June 2021? Do I have to pay MORE to get into the discount program for 2021? How does that work?

Answer: For ASCAP: If your current license already extends into 2020, you will get a credit for that portion of 2020 you already paid, which will be deducted from your bill for your 2021 license fee, which will be with the 30% discount. Depending on how far into 2020 a club has paid, some clubs may be entitled to a rebate.

BMI requires a pro rata if you’re brand new to the program. For example, they require you to come current and pay the pro rata difference so that your fee schedule will coincide the the calendar year. ACE uses (February 1-January 31st). You are then credited the following year and admitted into the program, including your discount.

5. If I am not an ACE Member, can I still get the discount?

Answer: No. You must be an ACE Member to participate. The negotiated agreement is exclusive to ACE Members only. The deadline for joining the 2021 ASCAP program is November 15, 2020. The deadline for joining the 2020 BMI discount Program is November 15, 2020. If you own clubs, becoming a member is EASY and we welcome you to our association! It’s as simple as filling sending us your information and paying your $199.00 per location annual membership on your first ACE-ASCAP invoice.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you are approved for the ACE National music licensing discount programs, both BMI & ASCAP will still send you an invoice BEFORE you receive the ACE National invoice. If you have successfully participated in the previous year's  discount program, you may ignore this invoice and wait for your ACE invoice. If you have questions about your membership account, please call the CPA above. Thank you.

ACE National
1629 K St.
Suite #300

Washington, D.C. 20006

Phone: (202) 508-1463


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